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The motive of evolution in Uzbek stories

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Abstract. This article discusses the issue of the motive of evolution in Uzbek literature. A brief description of the phenomenon of metamorphosis written from the history of Uzbek literature to the present day. From the examples of folklore: it is said that this phenomenon of evolution, which occurs in fairy tales and epics, began in the oral literature of the Turkic peoples in the VII century, and this fact is not uncommon in Uzbek literature. Mythological phenomena in world literature have their own content and essence in each national literature. Magic and sorcery save them from disaster when the activity of the protagonist in the oral literature of the East slows down. In this way the heroes achieve their goals, goodness triumphs. In modern stories, the motive of evolution is a symbolic, metaphorical phenomenon, which condemns the negative aspects of human life, such as depravity and evil, and glorifies the pure. This situation serves to make people think independently, to increase the level of thinking.

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