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The Notion of State Owned Plantation Enterprises

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Yuyun Hendrawati1 , Fauzi Ridwan2 , Olga D. Kravchenko3 , Hamid Mukhlis4 , Rita Irviani5


Abstract Pluralism is the character of Indonesia as a nation, this has produced nationalism to be a unifying symbol of social life in Indonesia. All elements of the nation cannot prioritize the ego as one of the dominant entities, both state institutions, and existing community groups. The love of homeland must be instilled in every move, step, and policy adopted to maintain the integrity of Indonesia as an independent and sovereign nation. Thus, the goal of the nation will be realized for the creation of prosperity for all Indonesian. The presence of SOE (State Owned Enterprises) as a State company bears great hopes for the Indonesian prosperity. Thus, SOE must be able to become a pillar of the nation's economy and drive the economy for private businesses and cooperatives. In carrying out the mandate of the constitution, SOE management must receive support from all elements of the nation, its existence must be protected as a national vital object that has a great impact on the life of the nation and state. The negative stigma that appears to SOE entities should be able to be a whip for SOEs to be able to continue to look for the best format in its management, not necessarily to make the perspective of SOE as an exclusive business entity so as to bring it down. SOE is a proud entity of Indonesian people who carry the mandate of the Constitution to realize the goals of the State.

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