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The spectrum of Non -alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in nursing staff.

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1) Charan Bagga, 2) Rajesh Sarode, 3) Sunil Kumar


Abstract: Background :Looking at non-alcoholic fatty liver infection anthropometric and biochemical profile with clinical profile and hazard factors. Presentation of NAFLD is asymptomatic with liver compounds then it advances to cirrhosis later. Commonest reason for NAFLD is cirrhosis of liver, however reason for essential NAFLD is related with disabled glucose tolerance, obesity, hypertension, secondary NAFLD and is related with hypothyroidism, git surgeries, toxins. This study is aimed to see commonness in understanding with comorbidities albeit accurate aetiology of NAFLD ailment isn't known, as studies in regards to this in India is inadequate. Objective To correlate profile & anthropometry of patients of NAFLD Methodology :This will be a Cross sectional study consisting of a series of 125 nursing staff consecutively diagnosed cases of NAFLD patients presented to the Datta Meghe Institute Of Medical Science, Wardha. All cases will undergo detailed history taking, physical examination, anthropometry, detailed biochemical workup, radiological assessment and in selected patients histological evaluation. Data of these patients regarding clinical, lab parameter and investigative findings will be noted. Result and Conclusion : According to previous studies its has been noted that 20% prevalence is seen in nursing staff, this study is being conducted in an effort to determine the effect of NAFLD in the nursing staff .

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