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To evaluate perinatal outcome in hypertensive disorders of pregnancy

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Dr. Kajal Krishna1 (Senior Resident) & Dr. Shikha Jain2 (Assistant Professor & HOD)


Background & Method: The aim of this study is to evaluate perinatal outcome in hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. Registration details of all the patients including their OPD number, name, age, sex were noted. Consent of each patient was taken and details of clinical examination and all the tests report will also be included in to the proforma. A thorough history of each patient including age, parity, duration of pregnancy, obstetric history, family history and any complication she faced in present or past pregnancy. Result: HDP patients, 14.0% (28/200) women had gestational hypertension (GH), 13.5% (27/200) women had mild pre-eclampsia (PE), 43.5% (87/200) had severe pre-eclampsia (PE) and 27.0% (54/200) women presented with eclampsia. Only four women had preeclampsia superimposed on chronic hypertension and hence this group was not included for statistical analysis and calculation of p value. Conclusion: It is more common in multigravida that is not supported by various studies but due to increased age preeclampsia superimposed on chronic hypertension. Number of cesarean deliveries are more as compared to vaginal. Termination of pregnancy is the ultimate treatment for hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and various studies has done & shows that expectant management increases the poor maternal & perinatal outcome. Preterm rates are high & birth weight more in between1.5 to 2.4 kg but good neonatal & critical care unit increases the maternal & perinatal outcome & reduces the morbidity. Majority of the admissions in NICU in severe preeclampsia followed by gestational hypertension & then eclampsia.

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