Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Ultrasonographic Assessment of Gestational Age by Fetal Parameters in Second Trimester of Pregnancy in Known LMP Patients

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Dr Vijaya Mangalur


Abstract Introduction: Fetal biometry is a methodology devoted to measuring several parts of fetal anatomy and their growth.The present study was carried out to assess gestational age in the second and third trimesters with the help of ultrasonographic measurements of four fetal biometric parameters (i.e., biparietal diameter [BPD], head circumference [HC], abdominal circumference [AC], and femur length [FL]) in the local population Hyderabad, and also to evaluate efficacy and significance of these four fetal biometric parameters in the prediction of gestational age by ultrasound. Materials and Methods: The present study was carried out in 100 normal pregnant women with singleton uncomplicated pregnancy, with the known last menstrual period (LMP). Results: FL was found to be more reliable parameter as compared to HL in both second trimester of pregnancy. Conclusions: Variation in predicted gestational age by ultrasonography (USG) is attributed to the anthropometric difference between the two populations due to racial, genetic, nutritional, and socioeconomic factors. Therefore, population-specific measurements should be made to generate tables and regression equations for more precise reporting of gestational age and EDD by USG

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