Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Utility Of Customized Protective Surgical Splint Concerning Soft Tissue Healing In Patients With Unilateral Cleft Alveolus Undergoing Secondary Alveolar Bone Grafting In Comparison To Those Without Splint

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1] Dr. Apoorva Mishra 2] Dr. Rajiv Borle 3] Dr. Nitin Bhola 4] Dr. Prachet Dakshinkar


Background: Alveolar cleft closure is vital in achieving stability of maxillary arch, providing a foundation for alar base, prevent the inferior turbinate from herniating into cleft area and giving impetus to teeth adjoining cleft. Intact Soft tissue cover over the grafted cleft site will provide a contained cavity which will help maintain the grafted bone in the compacted position till new bone formation occurs. Customized surgical splint over the operated site as a mechanical barrier can help improve the soft tissue healing in patients undergoing Alveolar bone grafting (ABG). Aim: To compare the utility of customized surgical splint in terms of soft tissue healing overlying the grafted alveolar bone Material and Methods: Random allocation of unilateral cleft alveolus patients in two groups will be done. Group A, in which immediately after the surgery in a customized surgical splint will be placed. Group B, in which no splint will be given. Soft tissue healing will be assessed for both the groups on post-operative day 7 th and 15th . Result: Results will be analyzed using Student’s paired t-test. It is expected that the soft tissue healing will be significantly better in the patients with surgical splints. Conclusion: Expected results of better soft tissue healing with utilization of customized surgical splints in operated patients of cleft alveolus may be recommended as part of standard care protocol. It can play a pivotal role in subsequent successful uptake of graft by improving soft tissue healing

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