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Dr.M.Rajaiah1Dr PVRD Prasada Rao 2A.Sunil3 , B.Divya4 ,G.Hemanth Kumar5 ,G.srilekha6 ,


Abstract— Number Plate Recognition technique is widely used in identifying vehicle identity across the world where a standard plate size and font are maintained which makes recognition easy. For implementing number plate recognition specifically in India a lot number of issue comes up like hundreds of different forms of fonts being used, size of plate not maintained, five different color number plate, double line number plate etc. All these problems are being taken care while developing a software for Indian number plate recognition and is tested in real Indian road conditions. Support Vector machines are trained & used for detection of number plate contours. ANN is used for character recognition from number plate and various algorithm for plate enhancement, noise reduction and ultimately neural networks are most efficient for result with erasing lot of camera constraints. The ANPR software is designed in C++ using Qt for GUI designing, OpenCV as image processing libraries and SQL as database management thereby making it a complete software implementation of idea.

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