Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Working Parents And Emotionally Parental Burnout During Malaysia Movement Control Order (Mco)

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Syazwani Aniyah Manja1 , Iylia Mohamad2 , Hazhari Ismail3 , Nurul Izzah Yusof4


ABSTRACT: A working parent definitely refers to either a father or mother or both who take part in a work life. Usually, life of working parents is amazingly gratifying, but still it is not always an easy task for them to perform their routines life by combining their life hours and work together in order to perform their best for both families and careers. As matter of fact that COVID-19 spreading so fast all over countries, majority of a working parents need to stay at home while performing their task as a worker at home On account of that condition, this study was examining the emotionally parental burnout among working parents during 2020 Malaysia Movement Control Order (MCO). The online survey was conducted to the Malaysian working parents and a total number of 145 working parents fulfilled the survey before the 2020 Malaysia Movement Control Order (MCO) ended. The result shown that the level of emotionally parental burnout among working parent during Malaysia movement control order is at aaverage to high level with 84.8% which level that we need to put on alarm to give hands to help them before things get worse. Other than that, even there are not significant, but by mean score, a father is more likely facing a parental burnout where a father need to stay at home taking care of their families and stay together all day. Besides, parents who get salary in range of below RM 2000 and RM2001-RM4000, parent who still need to go to the office during MCO and parents who working more than 4 hours daily got the highest score of parental burnout.

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