Online ISSN: 2515-8260

An Algorithm for Extraction of Decision Trees from Artificial Neural Networks

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Dr.M.Rajaiah1 ,Dr.N.Krishna Kumar2 , Mr. Akula Sujan Kumar2 ,Mr. Amruthala Anil Kumar3,Mr. Kamineni Venkat Chowdary4,Ms. Addam Vennela5


Although artificial neural networks can represent a variety of complex systems with a high degree of accuracy, these connectionist models are difficult to interpret. This significantly limits the applicability of neural networks in practice, especially where a premium is placed on the comprehensibility or reliability of systems. A novel artificial neural-network decision tree algorithm (ANN-DT) is therefore proposed, which extracts binary decision trees from a trained neural network. The ANN-DT algorithm uses the neural network to generate outputs for samples interpolated from the training data set. In contrast to existing techniques, ANN-DT can extract rules from feedforward neural networks with continuous outputs. These rules are extracted from the neural network without making assumptions about the internal structure of the neural network or the features of the data. A novel attribute selection criterion based on a significance analysis of the variables on the neural-network output is examined. It is shown to have significant benefits in certain cases when compared.

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